How they met

One of our first fraternity formals

It was the last night of freshman year for Connie, and just as any good BU girl would, she headed off to an MIT fraternity party to finish the year in style.  Coming all the way from West Campus and having slaved over the finishing touches to her immaculate make-up, she arrived after her friends.  Unbeknownst to all of them, it was a toga party, setting a truly romantic stage for our star-crossed lovers’ first encounter.  As she walked up the spiral staircase of the fraternity, a modern-day co-ed Cinderella in her Aeropostale jeans and chunky-heeled boots from Payless, she caught her first glimpse of Austin.  Surrounded by her giggling girlfriends, he stood tall, lean and handsome, topped with a white man’s jheri curl.  But it was that big, squinty-eyed smile that really got her attention.  The entire group was absorbed in a witty story that he was telling.  She joined the conversation, and one by one, her friends moved on to other groups, leaving her and this slick San Diegan alone to chat.

Upon learning that Austin did not partake in alcoholic beverages, Connie (who had just had her first drink 2 weeks prior and was currently sipping a PBR) became nervous that he would be scared off by her wild ways.  But the connection was just too deep.  They discussed travel, food, and sport.  His stories of international jaunts and working as a food critic at the ripe age of 17 fascinated Connie.  Austin was impressed to learn that she played soccer for BU and had recently gone on a medical trip to Haiti.  She was attracted to his understated confidence and sincerity; he was drawn to her vivacity and curiosity.  Austin soon realized the late hour and excused himself to prepare for his finals that would take place in just 2 days time.  The party was meant to be a “study break”, of course.  As he hopped down the staircase with the grace of a gazelle, Connie thought, “He didn’t ask for my number.  Why didn’t he ask?  Was it my beer?  And why the heck didn’t I ask him out?”  The ladies gathered to leave the party, and it seemed the night had rendered few prospects (excepting one, who had been asked to go to the BU bridge by a particularly inebriated young man).  A pity party was in order.

Aus & Con in Barcelona, Spain

While Connie stuffed her face with Chunky Monkey, Austin sat in front of his computer only a few miles away, realizing the full tragedy of his inaction.  Would he ever see this adventurous, short-haired beauty again?  And then, without thinking, he began calling and emailing all of his friends and fraternity brothers who had attended the party to see if they might have had the guts to ask for her contact info and would consider sharing.  After a week of dead ends and sleepless nights, it seemed that this BU mystery girl might have been a figment of his imagination. And then it occurred to him.  If there is one thing he knew about BU girls, it was that they never miss an opportunity to hit up a party.  He contacted the Party Planning President of Sigma Xi, who had in fact asked for her email to add to his party email list, and Austin was in business.  Logging onto her MSN account back home in Hopkinton after a particularly grueling soccer workout, Connie was sure she was hallucinating when she saw Austin Kyle Neudecker in her Inbox.  An invitation to a proper date of coffee and dessert at Finale.  She quickly responded with a resounding yes, and the courtship began.


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