How he sealed the deal


Connie & Austin Engaged


Early in their relationship, Connie heard that Austin, during an orientation event, walked like a runway model clad in marker-decorated paper to an embarrassing, yet fabulous victory.  Naturally, she had to see this infamous strut.  Austin was too shy (and afraid to scare his new girlfriend) to comply until Connie put her promise to do “anything Austin wanted” in writing.


Failure #1:  Fast-forward 6 years to a couple deeply in love, consulting from Connecticut (Austin) and studying/researching in NYC (Connie), Austin was convinced she was the one.  Remembering Connie’s favorite witnessed proposal (on the top of a South American Pyramid), he planned to ask Connie on their next trip to Guatemala when they summited an active volcano.  Austin, ever the gentleman, asked Dave for his permission.  Dave, knowing his daughter’s current stress (applying to medical school) was concerned about the timing and asked Austin to wait.  Their trip to Guatemala was amazing, yet lacking a proposal.


Failure #2:  A couple months later, and with the Chaces’ approval, Austin next planned to ask Connie on their upcoming trip to San Diego during a romantic sunset.  So excited and anxious, Austin could hardly contain himself and directly from the airport, they went to a bench on the bay.  As he started to proclaim his feelings, the Neudeckers, oblivious to what was happening, arrived to meet the couple.  Austin, tried to continue and shoo them away, but Connie soon figured out what was happening and put the kibosh on the operation.  The stress of Medical school applications (as predicted by her father) was too much, and she asked to postpone the question for now.


Permission/Failure #2.5?:  More months past, and on a beautiful spring day, while rollerblading in NYC’s Central Park, Connie presented Austin a card proclaiming her love and anticipation of the next step…half predicting a instant proposal in response…  which Austin failed to deliver.


3rd time’s a charm?  That summer they went to Florida.  Walking on the beach at dusk, under a slightly ominous sky (surprising a preferred ambiance for Connie), Austin finally delivered the full proposal (song and all).  But before popping the question, he brought out his certificate that Connie would do anything, to make sure he didn’t have any more snafus.  She (as obligated by the card) said yes, and the rest is history…


…well, except for our record breaking 4-year engagement, but that’s another story.


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