Bet on our Decathlon!

If you didn’t already know, Connie and Austin are competitive people…especially with each other.  They also both love playing sports, and are fairly evenly matched on many (or have become so, after adequate training by Connie).  As such, they started to place bets on who will emerge victorious on each trip to the court/park.  What started as small bets for household chores, gradually grew to larger gifts, but now has become the challenge of the millennium: 10 events, 1 victor, loser pays for a vacation!

Climbing to 14K in the Andes

The details of the decathlon:

  1. Soccer – small goals, 3x first to 5 goals  (bookies odds: Connie. no question.)

    soccer in Worcester Connie’s never fooled by Austin’s fancy footwork

  2. Basketball  – 3 games, half-court, first to 10, win by 2  (bookies odds: we’ve got a state-champ on our hands with a mean box-out, but the triple jumper has developed quite the turn-around jumper)
  3. Tennis  – full 5-set match  (bookies odds: Austin and his epic wing span)
  4. Swimming  – 2 laps each – 3 races (free, back, breast)
  5. Cycling  – 10-mile race
  6. Wrestling / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  – first to 3 pins  (bookies odds: Connie in a landslide)
  7. Running  – 100m & 800m adjusted for % of male/female world records (bookies odds: Austin, duh.)
  8. Weight-lifting  – Bench / Squats / Leg Press / Pull Downs (adjusted for % of male/female world records)
  9. Bowling/Bocce  – best of full bowling game or 10 rounds of bocce
  10. Nerd event (chess, video game)? Other ideas??  Put your opinion in the comments!


Who will win??  (vote & share comments below)

We will do our best to film the events and announce the winner for the first time at the wedding, where the loser must admit defeat (albeit temporary) by the superior athlete.


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