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Tuffin with the Fauxhawk

Constance Rebecca Chace   (by Aus)

Born at the ripe old age of 0, Constance entered the world kicking & screaming and has practically never stopped since.  During her ‘awkward years’ (ages 3-16), she wrote angst-y journal entries and played “poor girls” with Taylor in the forest behind their house.  Sporting silk shirts tucked into bleached jeans and a bowl-cut with a beaded rat-tail coming off the back, precocious lil’ Connie never hesitated to speak her mind, brown-nose her teachers, or stick-up for her friends.  She quickly proclaimed her aspirations to become a gastroenterologist, and later, along side a growing obsession with the X-Files, an FBI operative (covering potential alien activity of course).

In high school, her early sports prowess continued to strike fear in the hearts of the competition.  By senior year, she was captain of the Hopkinton Hiller’s Soccer, Tennis, and State Champion Basketball teams.  After earning an academic scholarship to attend Boston University (forever the scholar-athlete), she walked on to a competitive Division I team, quickly to be respected as the team’s newest center back and ‘wicked enforcer.  Later in NYC, she played for the Black Magic and continues to play in a night leagues to this day.  In tandem, Connie was on several dance teams both at MIT and Columbia, and still found time to play a little pick-up basketball in Harlem.

Yet these impressive achievements have paled in comparison to her lengthy and decorated academic career.  After earning a double major in Biology and Psychology at BU, she went on to earn a Masters of Public Health at Columbia University while working on cutting-edge research.  In fact, her research on the genetics of Alzheimer’s disease has been published in several scientific journals.  Connie then fulfilled her childhood dream by attending medical school at UMass Medical in Worcester, MA.  Despite the difficult course load, she embraced the challenges and forged through the hardest obstacles.  Living up to her previous anticipatory award of “World’s Best Doctor”, Connie shined on her rotations and earned a competitive spot at UCSD for a combined residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

But for those that know her, that’s just the surface story that barely describes all that is Connie.  The selfless gifts she won’t mention illustrate her deep care for others.  Spurred on during a family mission trip to Haiti, Connie has continued to help various populations by starting an urban debate team (with Austin & Geetha), helping design a program for teenagers suffering with substance abuse problems at The Grace House (with Erica), and teaching women about health issues in Ethiopia.

Connie sees the world as her oyster.  A travel and food enthusiast, globetrotting whenever she can get the chance, she’ll jump to try raw street meat in Ethiopia or the scariest dish in Japan or ask Austin to consider Mongolia for a honeymoon.  Masked by her (sometimes) 4th grade humor, she’s sharp & witty (beating Austin to the punch lines of his own theories).  Although she can be on latin time and occasionally scatterbrained amidst her many endeavors, her friends know that, more than anyone, she will go out of her way to help them in a time of need.  She’s always there ready to listen, advise and help however she can.

As the most lovable ‘tuff there ever will be, no one could wish for a better friend (or love).



Aus in the Andes

Austin Kyle Neudecker   (by Con)

Hailing from the land of sun and sand, Austin grew up in the barrios of California, where he would often be found wandering naked through the neighborhood as a tot (thanks to those hippy parents of his), playing the violin at the airport, or scampering through the canyons in search of an adventure.  A young businessmen from the start, Austin collected comic books, not with any intention of reading them, but hoping to sell them for big bucks when he was older.  He made his debut as a male model at the age of 5 and, evermore a stylish chap, spent his teen years rocking fitted dress shirts with a pukka shell necklace and goatee, never to be caught dead in a pair of jeans.  In high school he spent his days jumping track and donning sequined vests for show choir.  Weekends with friends were spent lounging in hot tubs or sliding down grassy hills on blocks of ice.

Having seduced the admissions board with his many accomplishments and essay on the “hard knots of life with an afro”, Austin headed out east to join the ranks at a mediocre liberal arts college, better known as MIT.  There he spent his nights cramming for exams in The Structure & Interpretation of Computer Programs (or 6.001 as he corrects me), making good on his contractual obligation to his parents to complete an engineering degree. Secretly, he plotted to take over the world, perhaps make it a better place, one entrepreneurial venture at a time. When he wasn’t studying or scheming, he was jumping for varsity track, hip-hopping for dance troupe, singing a capella, or hosting dessert soirees for his platonic lady-friends.  A sentimental guy at heart, nothing could elicit a tear from young Austin quite like a well-paced foreign movie or the summer Olympics.

Putting his analytical mind to work, Austin landed a consulting job at Mars & Co.  Days spent at his office in Greenwich, CT turned into weekly trips to destinations like Omaha and Akron.  After 5 years at Mars (and a quick ascension to program manager), Austin decided to change gears.  First stop, the illustrious Wharton Business School.  Amidst the swarms of ex-IBankers and consultant hopefuls, Austin stayed true to his dream to start something of his own.  He quickly became involved on campus, leading the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital clubs.  Between classes and working as a VC at Genacast Ventures, Austin worked tirelessly on new start-up ideas with some of his best friends.  Now an MBA, he is currently living his dream, starting a company, just a month into YCombinator.

What makes Austin truely special, though, are the intangibles that can’t be listed on a resume.  Loving, inquisitive, with insurmountable energy, Austin aims to squeeze every drop out of life.  It is not uncommon to see Austin listening to TheDailyShow, while working on his computer, texting Connie, and exercising at the same time.  He immerses himself in the places he visits, nearly sprint-walks through cities with the hope of exploring every crevice before sunset, and always yearns to travel somewhere new.  Born and bread a food enthusiast, Austin loves to take gastronomic tours of the places he visits and jumps at chances to introduce his friends to new experiences.  Though he may disagree with Connie on a Starbucks order, the two share a nearly identical palate as well as a passion for trying new ingredient pairings, which has resulted in the couple’s splitting every meal they have had together in the last 10 years.

A patient and gifted teacher, Austin has a rare ability to inspire and connect with anyone, from a down and out Harlem high schooler, to an 8 year-old Ethiopian orphan, and to a frustrated fiance learning to rock climb.  He possesses a unique zeal for discovery and a dedication to finding the truths in all things.  Always true to his ideals, Austin strives to apply the scientific method to almost everything, a trait that a fellow scientist and researcher, like Connie, appreciates.

As a partner, Austin is selfless and intuitive.  Despite being on the frugal side, Austin won’t hesitate to treat Connie to a pair of particularly fabulous shoes (provided they are functional, of course) or a surprise trip to Japan for her spring break.  Giving and loving, Austin is keenly observant and has an incredible ability to know what Connie will like before even she tells him or sometimes knows it herself.  Whether it be a dream destination that she never mentioned or a movie that she refuses to watch then ends up balling her eyes out and declaring it one of her many “favorite movies” when she finally caves, Austin reads Connie like a book and strives to make her happy at every turn.  He goes out of his way to buy video games that he knows she will enjoy, download horror movies or silly romances that he might not otherwise opt for, and search out restaurants that serve her favorite dishes most weekends that the couple is together.

Austin brings light to the lives he touches.  Seeing that squinty-eyed smile that spreads across Austin’s face when he tastes a new dish he’s invented, laughs at his own jokes, steps out into a new country, or greets Connie at the train station after weeks apart makes her fall in love with him all over again, every time.


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